As part of enhancement week, students from different courses came together to take part in a Conductive Paint workshop.

We came in having no idea how to use conductive paint and left with having created an interesting and interactive exercise (quite literally). The first part of the workshop was learning how to use conductive paint, TouchBoards and copper tape to make intriguing projects. After seeing what other people had created online, it was now our turn to make something of our own.

The most difficult part of the workshop was coming up with an initial idea, however, after bouncing ideas off of one another we decided on an idea: Chair Yoga.

The whole concept behind Chair Yoga was to create an interactive exercise which would force the user to stretch more. We aimed to achieve this by creating a story, and the only way to hear the whole story is if you were to touch certain points. As a group, we cut out images and connected them to the TouchBoard by using copper tape. The way the TouchBoard works is that if you touch a certain point, sound is omitted.

In the end, we were able to create a successful and interactive project. Was it innovative? Maybe. Revolutionary? Probably not. However, the whole project was nonetheless a fun and interesting experience.

by Amaal Mohammed, 1st year BA Design & coding student.